10 Questions to Check if Your Body is Toxic

Does your body need a detox reboot?

The more toxins your body holds,Β  the more risk you face for chronic illnesses such as blood sugar fluctuations & diabetes, BP fluctuations, hormonal disorders, nervous weakness, musculo-skeletal weakness, mood swings and depression (Yes, this too! The more chemical imbalances in your body – the more your blood stream is pumped with anxiety hormones that cause physical and emotional fatigue) etc. Each and every one of these issues, and several more, are lifestyle diseases. They CAN be healed with a more mindful and healthy way of life.

Research states that only 2% of the above diseases are genetic. A whopping 98%- is the result of your lifestyle choices.

The way you eat, move and think – can influence your life by 40 years.

Here are 10 questions to assess your toxicity levels:

  1. Do you experience regular fatigue/ insomnia?
  2. Do you frequently struggle in focusing- are you lethargic or feel foggy in the brain?
  3. Do you experience irregular bowels – constipation, bloating, loose stools etc.?
  4. Do you crave sweets and salty snacks?
  5. Do you have acidic reactions?
  6. Do you experience mood swings or depression?
  7. Do you suffer from low libido?
  8. Do you fall sick too often – fevers, flu, indigestion, migraines, severely painful menstruation cycles if you are a woman etc. ?
  9. Do you experience joint pains?
  10. Do you suffer from acne, patchy skin, hair-fall?

If your answer is YES to more than 3 of these questions, you most definitely need a detox. And even otherwise, a detox cant hurt πŸ™‚ Our bodies are beautifully designed to heal naturally, when supported with pure, fresh whole foods, sweat sessions and some emotional cleansing practices to calm the entire system.

There are many detox plans and modalities that can be used. But 3 days of juice cleansing / raw fruit & vegetable diet is a great place to start, and super-effective. It is also safe for almost all conditions, although it is always better to consult a doctor/nutritionist beforehand if you have any specific concerns.

Watch this space for detox programs and ideas πŸ™‚

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