11 Ways Fitness Changes the Way You Work


The world’s richest and most successful people – business tycoons, corporate honchos, entrepreneurs, political leaders and obviously – people at showbiz and sports – unfailingly have a fitness routine to balance their busy lifestyles.

It is their INTEGRATED HEALTH ROUTINES that gives them the mental muscle and emotional stamina required for their highly demanding lifestyles. There aren’t many top-dogs out their who don’t schedule in their fitness, meditation and wellness routines, along with a mindful focus on nutrition embedded into their way of life. It is THESE practices that GENERATE the energy required for high performance at work and play.

It is NOT their luxury which drives their wellness…but it is their wellness which enables them to show up as their best selves at work – to earn their luxury.

Here are the fitness routines of some of the world’s most successful. These are the visionaries who hold a track-record for discipline in what matters, which allows them to not only work hard but also play hard. Now guys, if THESE people can make time for fitness, with their double-packed schedules (AND family responsibilities being handled well by most of them) believe me – you have no reason to sing the ‘no time to workout’ song.

1) Richard Branson – pops into the gym almost everyday no matter which part of the world he is in, likes to play tennis and kite-surf when possible. No wonder the man remains young at heart!

2) Bill Gates – An hour of jogging in the morning, outdoors or on the treadmill.

3) David Murdock (95 years old)- is an evangelist for healthy eating, includes weight-lifting several times a week and takes frequent brisk walks.

4) Mike Bloomberg (Mayor, NY & Owner, Bloomberg Media) – Plays golf, runs and believes in making the world your gym.

5) Sergey Brin (Google Co-Founder) – Gymnastics, roller hockey, springboard diving, high-flying trapeze (total adrenaline junkie).

6) Obama – gym workouts with a personal trainer

7) Satya Nadella – Cricket

8) Mark Cuban – 1 hour cardio per day

9) Arianna Huffington – yoga and hiking

10) Gwenyth Paltrow – Studio workouts


  1. WINNING SPIRIT – There’s no road to success without some amount of grit.
  2. ENDURANCE – The ability to keep going when things get tough.
  3. CREATIVITY – Getting out of your head and into your body can open up space for new perspectives to flow in.
  4. BETTER ANALYTICAL SKILLS – More blood circulation through the brain equals better functioning of logic.
  5. CONFIDENCE – in your ability to complete challenges, in your self-image.
  6. ENERGY – Better metabolism gives you the energy needed to not only survive the day, but to finish it with a sparkle and have some more left for your personal life.
  7. MENTAL CLARITY – There’s nothing that can reset your thought process as quickly as a workout, lifting you out of a rut and forging new neural pathways for enhanced clarity.
  8. BOOSTS HAPPINESS – We all know that movement gets the happy hormones flowing.
  9. FLEXIBILITY IN THE RIGHT PLACES – Rigidity doesn’t take you far in business. You need to be agile at the right time, in the right place, flexible enough to change/improve your strategies. Stretching your body creates the mood to stretch your mind as well.
  10. STRENGTH – Resilience, to face challenges and come out victorious. Emotional stamina and your response mechanism to situations – can be trained.
  11. BODY INTELLIGENCE – Your body is intuitive. It can tip you off when you are about to make a wrong decision. The more you tune in to your body, the more familiar you get with your gut feelings, which will never fail to point you in the right direction.

Fitness can POWER UP YOUR PERSONALITY that can turn your professional and personal life around.


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