3 Spiritual Truths : THE BIG WHY OF LIFE


The topsy-turviness of life πŸ™‚

With all the high’s and low’s, and everything in between, we come to ask ourselves – THE BIG QUESTIONS. The questions that navigate our lives.

  1. What is the purpose of my life?
  2. Why do things happen to me – the good, and more so, the bad? Why me?
  3. Is there a God?
  4. Why is there so much suffering around me? If God exists, why does he watch on, doing nothing? Why does he let little children get raped, be born with AIDS, die in wars?

These are questions that haunt each one of us…

We each come up with the best possible explanations we can, and continue to navigate life.

Some choose atheism, some pursue different religions for answers, some turn to science – but all these streams leave us with missing pieces of the puzzle; a gaping hole that causes unease, and constantly prods us – telling us that THERE IS SOMETHING MORE.

WE ARE ALL SPIRITUAL SEEKERS in this sense, whatever we choose to believe.

My spirituality is a cocktail of Ancient Eastern Wisdom, modern free exploration, and above all – profound personal spiritual experiences – something that no external philosophy can overstep.

Here is what holds true for me. These beliefs have given me the most coherent view of existence, and help me live in a way that most benefits me and others.

I invite you to open your mind to these answers, and see if they serve your journey πŸ™‚


  1. To Create and Contribute
  2. To Complete Karmic Cycles
  3. To Play

Bear with me… I will explain πŸ™‚ By the time I’m done, you will have your BIG ANSWERS to the BIG WHY’s of LIFE.


This is our primary purpose.

We are uniquely incarnated – with our specific face, body, thoughts and desires – to show up and contribute with OUR purpose and presence. We are here to serve a SELECT bunch of people and part of the world – in ways that only WE can. Our purpose(s) and presence is driven by the longings of our heart (not of the ego, but of the soul – its a deeper pull)- our inner GPS – that constantly points out the direction we should head in. This may be a voice that many of us have numbed or learned to ignore – but it is there – a perennial nudge – ALWAYS telling us what we REALLY need to do next – showing us who are the people we need to connect with or let go, what our next action steps should be, which sphere we should play in…

We have unique life-stories, challenges, victories and preferences – so that we can sing a song that no one else can – a song that heals and beautifies and expands this universe in a special way.

For those who believe in God, ALMOST EVERY RELIGION claims that we are made in His/Her image, we are ONE WITH GOD, God exists within us. This applies – whether you choose to call God as Cosmos, Universe, The Divine Whole, Higher Consciousness or whatever you please. God is the Intelligent, Loving, Omnipresent Infinite that holds it all together.

I believe, and KNOW this to be true in my heart – that WE ARE THE CHANNELS OF DIVINE POWER ON EARTH.

CREATION (of the cosmos) – is beautiful and infinite. OUR CREATIVITY – is the manifestation of cosmic powers through us. Our ability to create love, beauty in ourselves and in our world, art, objects, technology, environments, culture, events, relationships and different energies in and around us – makes us mini-Gods, or children of God if that pleases you.

The more we create positive things, the more of Divine Grace we experience in life – we nurture and are nurtured in turn.

It is true that WE CAN BE, DO AND HAVE ANYTHING WE WANT. But for these manifestation powers to truly surface, PURIFICATION is necessary. Affirmations, visualizations and subconscious reprogramming alone wont suffice, although they are a start. But for these Cosmic, Godly powers to get strong within you, i.e, you need to embody more of God – embody more love, forgiveness, empathy, generosity, understanding, responsibility, positive creativity, kindness and care, healthy inclinations etc. The more you integrate these qualities, the more you embody Higher Energies and THEREFORE – THE GREATER YOUR MANIFESTATION POWERS. Without purification, the mind and body will NOT ALIGN with the soul, and your Cosmic Capabilities will be limited.

God plants no deep desire in our hearts without also granting us the power to achieve it. But for this, we need to live more soulfully, connect with our internal guidance, undergo purification and develop strong mind-body-spirit alignment through daily practices. And soon, our desires will turn into destiny.


Why are little children born with heart-wrenching disabilities and diseases, or abandoned on the streets with no fault of theirs? Why are wars fought, with so much death and devastation? Why are so many innocent souls made to suffer?


Most religions and spiritual intelligence – believe in souls being reborn into several lives. They face karmic cycles, sowing what they reap. And the greatest karmic accountant is THE SOUL itself, more than God, who is always ready to forgive and redeem you from suffering if you are willing to go on the journey of purification (simply wiping out bad karma with good – nothing complicated!).

So when innocent souls face suffering, we need to realize that IT IS NOT HAPPENING RANDOMLY OR UNFAIRLY. The soul, before being incarnated in a lifetime, chooses which of it’s karmic baggages from past lives it is going to clear in this lifetime, and forms its own blueprint – it will choose the fruits of good karma and bad karma – and complete it during the course of life. Some souls may choose to work out their karma over ten new lives, while some may decide to bear the brunt in one challenging life and move on.



NO. Luckily, that’s not the case. God gave us the GIFT OF FREE WILL – to wipe out the old bad karmas by indulging in new good karmas. The souls we have hurt in past lives come back to us in new lifetimes. And no matter how much someone seems to be testing our patience, WE CAN ALWAYS REACT FROM A PLACE OF LOVE. We should aim to do as much good as we can to everyone we meet, shield ourselves from their negative energies in loving ways that minimize hurt, and aim to serve the world on a daily basis with as much generosity, kindness, healing and love as we can.

Whether you are a software engineer, artist, mom or monk – your incarnation gives you opportunities to love and serve and energize the world in your way. So both through your professional and personal life, contribute soulfully, with care and concern. Hurt no one, hold no debts and serve as much as you can – happily and from the heart.

Your karmic debts will be cleared. And you SURELY will have an easier, more fulfilled life.


A bird doesn’t really sing to help someone. It sings because that’s what it loves to do, and is part of it’s being.

It just does what it is created to do.

And automatically, the world finds beauty, healing and happiness in it’s song.

So while we stay aware of heavy-duty subjects such as Karma and Life-Purpose(s) etc., we should never forget to play, have fun and do what we love. The whole point of the other two topics of purpose and Karma – is to realise – that in fact, it is aligned with OUR PASSION – with what makes our heart sing.

You find your purpose by doing what you love.

It serves to create good karma because true passion and TRUE PLEASURE doesn’t exist in guilt. If an action makes you feel guilty, and you know is misaligned with your integrity, although you may get momentary thrills out of that actions, it will make you sick about yourself at some level. And feeling sick about yourself is NOT TRUE PLEASURE. So true passion and pleasure occurs only if you hold your integrity. Stay in close connect with your soul to know what’s right and what’s not, because no outsider can tell you that.

Thus, desire, passion, happiness, karma, spirituality, fulfillment – all serve one another if you understand what each REALLY means.

So these are your BIG ANSWERS, for the BIG QUESTIONS of LIFE πŸ™‚

Let me know what you think, and what holds true for YOU πŸ™‚


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