Sindhujaa Kumar is an established transformation partner for corporates, celebrities and athletes - innovatively integrating physical fitness, emotional empowerment techniques and spiritual practices to unlock new dimensions of personal power and professional impact - Powering Up Personalities.

Sindhujaa is a licensed Holistic Wellness Practitioner who holds an MD in Alternative Medicines. She helps in naturally healing chronic disorders and strengthening personalities through lifestyle management:

  1. Exercise & Movement Sciences
  2. Nutrition & Herbalism
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) & Energy Healing
  4. Mental Health & Emotional Intelligence for personal & professional empowerment

She is an ACSM accredited Fitness Expert (international gold standard for elite fitness professionals). Cutting-edge strength & conditioning, athletic coaching, yoga and movement therapy are her primary fitness modalities.

A vibrant thought-leader in women's health and holistic empowerment, Sindhujaa is a poignant speaker and writer. She believes in an artistic, soulful approach to life and work, and is a published poet.

She has a background in PR & Corporate Diplomacy for Fortune 500 firms (certified by University of London) and is currently at the helm of multiple business ventures, including organic agriculture products, lifestyle products, education and public health projects.

Sindhujaa is a columnist for the popular publications:

The Times of India & The Economic Times

Entrepreneur magazine (Asia Pacific Edition)

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Your soul is powerful & beautiful. Let your body, mind, life & work reflect that ♥

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