Sindhujaa Kumar is a licensed Alternative Medical Practitioner who holds an MD in Alternative Medicines, with 5 core specializations:

  1. Exercise & Movement Sciences
  2. Nutrition & herbalism
  3. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  4. Energy Medicine
  5. Emotional healing

She is an ACSM accredited Fitness Expert - which is the international gold standard for elite fitness professionals, credentialing the world's top celebrity trainers, athletic & sports  coaches, and exercise scientists. Cutting-edge strength & conditioning, athletic coaching, yoga and movement therapy are her primary fitness modalities.

Sindhujaa is an established transformation coach for athletes, corporates and individuals - innovatively integrating physical fitness, emotional empowerment techniques and spiritual practices to unlock new dimensions of personal power and impact - Building a personality the shape of your soul ©

A vibrant thought-leader in women's health and holistic healing, Sindhujaa is a poignant speaker and writer. She believes in an artistic, soulful approach to life and work, and is a published poet.

She is also at the helm of multiple business ventures, her prime passion in the wellness industry.




Your soul is powerful & beautiful. Let your body, mind, life & work reflect that ♥

Are you ready to align your body and mind with the fire and healing capacity of your spirit? Energize your life?

Or would you like to co-create a customized program for your organization, shifting your collective energies into a whole new dimension of power-packed personal and group impact?

Media and industry representatives are also welcome to reach out for keynote speeches, thought-leadership articles, quotes and think-tanks.