How to Inspire Anyone You Meet


Do you have some loved ones in your life – the ones that make you think ‘IF ONLY they could change _______ about themselves, their lives would change so much more for the better!’

They take your advice lightly. Or it may sink in, but not deep enough to change them.

No matter how poignantly you speak, or what insights you share – it seems you can’t inspire change in them.

We may ultimately claim that changing others is not our responsibility. True. But sometimes, a nudge in the right direction is what friends and family need, it’s what we are together for. We can never PUSH someone to change. BUT THERE IS A WAY…

There is a way to inspire everyone you meet in your life – to be better, to see the best in you and find the best in themselves.

TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE. TO BE THAT SHINING STAR THAT THEY ALL WANT TO FOLLOW. TO CREATE HAPPINESS AND SUCCESS FOR YOURSELF – because when you do that, they will soon be wanting to know how you did it, and your advice will now be valued.

Our words and advice may not move people. But THE WAY WE LIVE OUR LIVES – can shift their mindsets without the need for words.

Marianne Willamson said,

“You playing small doesn’t serve the world. There’s nothing enlightening about shrinking so others won’t feel insecure around you. As you let your own light shine, you indirectly give others permission to do the same.”

Just think about it a moment…

Who has inspired you the most ? Who has caused major shifts in your life ?

Surely not someone who walked by giving advice.

To validate their advice – they must have walked that path.

You wouldn’t be taking advice for long-term relationships from a person with seven divorces. You can probably learn what NOT to do by looking at that person’s life. But surely not about what needs to be done. You don’t take financial advice from a beggar. You’re better off learning from that multipreneur who went from rags to riches with his own hard work. You don’t take lifestyle advice from a person with upside-down health, unless they are on the healing path, cultivating successful changes.

In the same way, your words have no weight, and can inspire no one, until your life proclaims your worthiness to share that advice. And when YOU ARE LIVING YOUR DREAMS, then words are not needed to inspire 🙂 Your personality and life will speak.

So if you want your loved one wasting their potential, and want to move the needle for them – FULFILL YOUR OWN POTENTIAL and lead by example.

If you want to help someone be happy – SHOW THEM WHAT HAPPINESS LOOKS LIKE.

Happiness, health, wealth, integrity, peace, social wellness, emotional openness, character, strength, magnanimity, responsibility – EVERYTHING is better taught through demonstration that advice.

People are inspired by your personality and lifestyle more than empty words- by your way of thinking and making everyday choices, by the way you show up and live your life.

My question is: are YOU happy now with the way you are living your life? Can you raise your game in some aspect – can you be more loving, incline more towards health, believe in and work for more prosperity, for contentment, for integrity ? Can you learn to enjoy yourself more? Whatever it is, stepping up your own game is the BEST and truly the most impactful way to inspire and transform others – whether they are your own family members or a new person you just met.

For example, I don’t just tell people to exercise. I do it with grit everyday, and share it with people on social media. My body and mind and energy champion their own cause when i meet people. This way, I see myself inspiring the folk i meet everyday to workout. When someone leaves me a comment on social media saying that they were about to skip their workout for the day, but my post made them GO… I smile with satisfaction 🙂 I CONTRIBUTE MORE TO PEOPLE BY WORKING ON MYSELF.

I really want you to be that shining star in your life, where you don’t need to struggle to fix others. I want you to be someone who is inspired by looking at the person in the mirror. And that person effortlessly inspires all they come across.

Drop me a message and let me know – how are you working to inspire and be inspired today 🙂

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