How to Manage Chronic Back Pain


Research confirms that 82% of the global population suffers from some form of chronic back pain (ACA). And it comes as no surprise that the ones who have been spared – do NOT work at a desk!

Back-pain, in the Western world, is often viewed as another of those mystical medical conditions with no real solutions – erratic, hard to monitor and manage. But after years of working with different people with different back issues, what I have observed (which research once again confirms) is that almost all pain results from one of the following four causes:

1) POOR POSTURE – slouching in other words. It compresses nerves, strains muscle, and leads to misalignment of spinal discs. This is the NUMBER ONE source of back injury and pain. A posture reset can not only diminish pain, but over time, can also completely dispel it from your body.

2) LACK OF CORE STABILITY: When you under-use some muscles, they get weaker over time. As they weaken, OTHER muscles start overcompensating in their stead. Most often, these compensating muscles turn out to be our back muscles. Muscular imbalance thus is a MAJOR cause of pain. The solution of course – EXERCISE. Strengthen and stretch every muscle of your body frequently, to heal all imbalances, improve functionality and relieve pain. You start out gentle, especially when you have back pain, and slowly and mindfully – you build strength and correct chronic dysfunction. Excess body weight is also known to increase muscular imbalance, so it’s important to manage your weight within a healthy range to heal pain.

3) BAD MATTRESS/PILLOW – The body heals while asleep. And if you do not support your posture while sleeping, instead of relaxing, the muscles get terse while you sleep – to hold the spine in place. So bed-time can turn out to place an extreme amount of stress on your back muscles and tissues – and you just might wake up with a really stiff neck, shoulder pain, upper back pain or lower back pain.

4) STRESS: We all know that stress causes tension in the muscles and ligaments. The clenching, which is often subconscious, literally leaves your muscles, nerves and tissues CONTRACTED all day long. Blood and nutrient flow is cut off. And in holistic treatment, we never lose sight of the fact that emotional energy blocks ALWAYS lead to physical problems. This is a fact that ancient culture has always known, and science today is proving that an ALARMING number of medical conditions have their foundation in emotional trauma. Thus, a mindset and lifestyle with stress management built into it is crucial.


You are NOT DOOMED to suffer from back-pain all your life, with its inexplicable unpredictability. Here is how you can heal.

1) CORRECT YOUR POSTURE: Whether you are standing, sitting or asleep – set up an environment that nurtures your posture. Get an ergonomic desk and mattress. Or set up your existing workstation mindfully.

2) WORKOUT: First, even if you DO workout regularly, don’t forget to to stay mindful throughout the day. Move frequently. Get up, stretch and walk around at least once every 40min. Roll your neck. Flex your spine. Twist. Make sure you incorporate at least 30 min of dedicated physical activity a day. Yoga is particularly beneficial in healing chronic pain gently. As you gain strength, ease yourself into more athletic styles of training, if that’s your cup of tea. Work on nall aspects of fitness – strength, stretching and flexibility, mobility, and endurance. Get the blood pumping to increase circulation and clear out toxins from the areas of muscle tension.

3) VISIT A CHIROPRACTOR/ ACUPUNCTURIST : These two modes of treatment are UNBELIEVABLY effective if you find the right practitioners. Years of chronic pain can disappear within 3-4 session.

4) BREATHE DEEP: This is the quickest way to ease stress, let blood flow, and even clear energy blocks. Breathing techniques like pranayama can also be used. Incorporate rhythmic breathing into your meditation practice.

5) EMOTIONAL HEALING: Spend some time each day to turn stress into solutions. Meditate, pray, chant, journal, speak up, share with a true friend, confront, release, organise your life, de-clutter, get artistic to express yourself through dance, painting etc, find a therapist… do whatever works for you to address your emotional well-being every single day. This will cleanse your energy blocks and the stress hormones from your system, leaving you healthy and happy.

6) NOURISHING NUTRITION: Eating anti-inflammatory food can have a DRASTIC effect on your pain-level. You also need to provide yourself with nourishing vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other nutrients to cleanse toxic build-up from your damaged tissues and re-build it with new health and functionality.

I can confidently claim that with these tools, most of you CAN completely heal back pain, and all related issues like neck immobility, shoulder pain, very often headaches (since the same nerves from your spine and neck reach your head) etc.

This journey takes time…but if you are dedicated, you can see a complete turnaround in about 2 months.

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